Our approach is personable, flexible and deeply invested in your success

Our mission? To unlock and harness your unique strategic ‘hook’ — that special something that sets you apart while propelling you forward. 

Hi. We’re Hook, your bespoke marketing partner

Nestled just outside of Toronto and extending our expertise across North America, we’re not just another agency; we’re your outsourced partner in crafting the future of your brand.

The heart and dynamo behind Hook.

Vicki brings a wealth of experience, having led some of North America’s top marketing agencies and corporate marketing strategies. Her passion? Empowering small to mid-sized businesses with the same level of expertise and insight available to industry giants, minus the overwhelming costs.

With 20+ years of marketing experience, Vicki seamlessly blends agency leadership, corporate savvy, and educational zest.

Boasting a track record of double-digit growth and award-winning campaigns across the continent, Vicki doesn’t just lead; she transforms.

Beyond finding that hook for your business, her dedication to excellence extends throughout the industry – shaping the next generation of marketers through college and post-grad teaching, developing curriculum for the Chartered Marketer designation, spearheading marketing training for the CMA and marketing teams across Canada, and speaking at industry events. She even jumps in to help those ‘big’ agencies when they need support.

Oh, and she’s also super nice to hang out with.

Vicki Waschkowski

Why choose Hook over a sprawling agency or a lone freelancer?

The answer lies in our blend of strategic acumen and practical support, honed over 25+ years of leading marketing campaigns and corporate strategies with a personal touch that big agencies can’t match.

Our team has the big agency experience and extended network expertise, honed to deliver with the nimbleness you need. You gain access to an ensemble of industry-leading talents, from copywriters to social media maestros, to digital experts and more.

Hooked on Excellence: Client Experience

In the realm of marketing, bigger isn't always better

As a boutique agency, Hook provides unmatched agility and adaptability. We’re quick on our feet. Ready to pivot and embrace new trends, technologies, and strategies that keep you ahead of the curve. You’ll work directly with the company lead (yep – that’s Vicki) and get the attention you deserve …without the fixed retainers and overhead of big agencies.

Our size allows us to maintain a close, collaborative relationship with you, ensuring clear communication, transparency, and a partnership that feels like an extension of your own team.

I’m already hooked